My daughters passion for cheerleading is amazing and how far she has come since starting cheer is incredible and it's all thanks to TKT cheerleading.To her they are her family and they support her 100 percent. I have also made some long term friends along the way which is great. 
"Who are,who are, who are we??
We are, we,are... TKT

My daughter has been going for 18mths and absolutely loves it. She has made lots of friends and grown in confidence, with the added bonus of routines etc that she learns :) keep up the good work TKT.

Absolute pleasure to be apart of this team, coaches are superb and very commited with all age groups.

My girls have been with tkt for just over 2 years and they love it. Their confidence has come on so much and they love their cheer family and learning new skills.

My daughter has been part of the team for 2 years and myself a year and we both love it xx

My 8 year old daughter joined TKT a couple of years ago. Pretty shy and quiet. Who'd of thought 2 years later she would be performing on a National stage! And winning! She loves cheerleading, she loves TKT, she loves the coaches. The older ones are great role models and inspire her to train hard at every session. She continues to develop at a good pace and improve her skills week on week. 
 Would highly recommend TKT for Girls and Boys of any age....even the mums and dads can do it! There really is something for every ability and especially great for the little ones that can't sit still and need something to focus on whilst keeping them active and having lots of fun along the way!